Йосиф Михайлович (zhirafov_nyet) wrote in grammarian,
Йосиф Михайлович

Verb tenses

I hope this is the proper place to ask. Verb tenses are an important part of grammar. Also, excuse any mistakes. I am not a grammarian, but I have an important question.

A Russian friend of mine came across the present perfect continuous tense in her book and became confused by the two types. The first type, inclusive, was easy enough to understand. According to the book, the inclusive type means that an action was started in the past, has lasted for a while, and is still happening. Then there's the exclusive type. The book says that this type applies to an action that started in the past, lasted for a while, and has just stopped. How is this possible? Wouldn't something that has just stopped be referred to in the past tense? If this is possible, please provide an example. Thanks!
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