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Message received?

I am certainly no opponent of the verb to text. After all, it is really no different from to call1, and "I'll text you" is certainly less unwieldy than "I will send a Short Message to your cellular phone" (OK, admittedly, somewhat contrived).

However, I refuse to swallow text as its own past tense: "he text me to ask me out" is how it's pronounced, as if the root word were actually "tex" and the participle "texed". See how odd it looks when written down?

Help stop the spread of this outlandish aberration, 4 PTZ SK.

1I'd argue, in fact, that it follwed a similar etymological process, if you can accept that this sense of to call is a back-formation from to make a telephone call, and not just a lateral shift from the regular meatspace meaning of yelling to someone.

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