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MG Ellington

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am new to this community. This is indeed my first post. I go to school full time and I work full time. I will be 30 in August. I have a seven-year-old son. I just remarried in February. He also has children. All of this is to say that I lead a very full life. I have a novel in me. Rather, I have an idea that I want to turn into a novel. I have several ideas waiting in the wings after I get this one finished. This is my first attempt at this adventure. I am so excited. If it never becomes anything more than a document file on my computer, I will be happy to have finished it. I want it to be more though. Here is where you come in. Have you been through this process before? What tips do you have? How did you get started? How did you organize? Did you go through the query process? I have a million more questions. What resources do you recommend? How did you research topics? My journal is friends only. I would love your comments here. If you want to hear more about my progress this summer, let me know. Comment on my journal/add me to your list. I will be happy to return the favor. Thank you so much.

Oh and I'm sorry if this is cross posted on your friends list alot.
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: )

dare to be different the same.

and that error is posted oh about a hundred times. yeah i'm qualified to be a writer - um hum.
I lurk at a few writing comms, but they're all fanfiction oriented, and thus probably wouldn't be of any help.

This place is great for things like sentence-structure questions.

Welcome and hi!
Thank you for the welcome. I am sure I will be coming here for help from time to time. I am a bit of a run-on addict.
Without wanting to be nasty, this isn't really the right place to talk about stuff like this. This community is for grammatical questions or rants, not writing process help.
It looks like she's posted/pasted this on a number of different LJ communities to do with words and writing.
Now, that is rude.
I was not trying to be rude. I was trying to research this attempt. Most people were helpful. Most people were happy to share their experience and insight. I am sorry that you do not feel the same and I respect it. I will say that I was not being RUDE.
And I maintain that it is discourteous to cross-post the same entry to "oh, about a hundred" communities without ascertaining that the readers of those communities would be interested in what you have to say: or worse, knowing that your post isn't really relevant to the communities in question.

Members of this community who are also interested in writing will likely belong to other writing communities, which means that posting the same request here is redundant at best, and a nuisance at worst, depending on how many commmunities a given member is subscribed to.

I'll leave this post standing, because I hate overly zealous moderation of communities, but further posts in this vein are not likely to be looked upon so favourably.

Good luck with your writing. I'm sure we'd be more than happy to assuage any grammar-related anxiety you may experience in the process.
You are most welcome to delete the post. I certainly won't be offended. I wasn't trying to create frustration for others. I apologize sincerely for any rudeness on my part. That wasn't the intent. I certainly wasn't how I've seen other posts of this nature treated in the very same communities I posted to. I looked at them for examples. I have not done this before and will not be doing it again. Of the posts, I have had three people comment negatively. I have made apologies to them. Thank you for the offer of assistance int he future. I am not such a bad egg honestly.
I did indeed. Most of them I have been a lurker in for over a year. A few I added recently at the advice of another friend. I was trying to find out some information. Additionally, I wanted to come out of lurking. I know that this isn't a writing community. Hoever, this is a great source for those that do write. I honestly wasn't trying to cause any trouble.
Noted, sir.