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Another thing that irritates me...

(I'm easily irritated, it appears) My former flatmates were forever accusing me of being "too fussy" about language. Every time I made a comment or corrected their grammar, they would call me the "grammar police" Now, I don't object to them disliking my habit of correcting people's speech (I'm aware it can be annoying) but it bothers me a little that (apparently) I have taken on the status of an entire disciplinary force! Either "grammar policewoman", "grammar police officer" would work but "grammar police"? Police is a collective noun, which implies I have a lot more personalities than the six I actually have... This is a good example, I feel, of at least one of the reasons some of these linguistic changes occur: it's far quicker and catchier to say (in this case) "police", than "policewoman" or "police officer". Basically, we're a lazy race! I've become even more aware of my own linguistic shortcomings recently, through constant contact with speakers of other languages. It's a bit embarrassing to have to repeat yourself, when speaking to a non-native speaker of your language, when you realize the need for repetition has been caused by your own lazy pronunciation, not their inability to understand you!
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